Why Your Relatives or Friends Shouldn’t Build Your Website

Congratulations on your new business! You’ve invested time, sweat and hard work and it’s finally starting to pay off.  Now you’re considering an online presence so that your customers can find you and your sales can take off. Coding a website is easy right? Having a relative do it is cheap (they won’t charge me much; maybe they’ll do it for free?).

Why hire a professional?

Don’t cut corners when planning a business website. Yes your son, daughter, cousin, friend, and your wife’s retired grandfather can make you a free website.  But honestly, would you let them organize a five thousand dollar marketing campaign for you?

A professional appearance, search engine visibility, and page ranking for your website are essential for its success. In a competitive environment, it’s important to rely on the experience of knowledgeable professionals to create your website. So choose a professional business website creator.

So why hire a professional?  Can your relative answer these questions? If not, it is likely that your website will under-perform.

  1. You need your site up and running a.s.a.p. in order to attract customers. Why place a critical marketing function in the hands of a civilian and not a business?
  2. The person has to be reachable, cooperative and able to do the job
  3. Your site may look great but will it be able to connect with visitors and generate confidence in the solutions it offers?
  4. Does the website work well?  No broke links or confusing navigation?
  5. Will your website generate sales leads; is it coded is that it us optimized to deliver a lead generating website? Has it been optimized for SEO?
    • Who is visiting and what are they doing
    • Keyword phrases being used
    • What percentages of people leave within the first ten seconds
    • How to convert visitors to sales lead regardless f what page they are on
    • How to personalize the experience for individual visitors
    • Have back end Analytics been added to track performance
    • Is the site responsive (works on mobile devices)

How to find the right person? Ask them the following?

  1. How long have they been making websites and can you see their portfolio
  2. Will they be coding the site themselves or outsourcing it
  3. Have they considered in the design new sections to the site and future growth to the navigation
  4. Do they know about web standards and do they adhere to them (not necessary but nice have)
  5. Do they do SEO on each page of the website with unique key words on each page
  6. Can they explain Website Statistics so you know how your site is performing

In conclusion, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your business; don’t neglect your website.  It is key in your sales and marketing strategy and its potential is unlimited.  Hiring a professional is your first step to online success.

by Don Proshetsky

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